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Challenge Series
Hunter Show Class List

** New for 2016, all division will have the option of participating in the Warm-up and / or a Non-Judged Schooling trip.

Start Time 8:30 am - Warm-up for all Divisions - fences will be set at 18" - 7am - 8:30 am

Non-Judged Schooling Trip - will be offered for all divisions at your division height. Trips must be completed prior to judged rounds.


Beginner Division - Open to Beginner riders.  Targeted at those riders who are looking for an introduction to the show ring.

Sponsored by The Equine Emporium

Class 1 Walk - Trot Equitation
Class 2 Walk - Trot - Individual Canter Equitation
Class 3 Low Equitation over fences
Class 4 Low Hunter over fences

Intermediate Hunter Division - Open to Intermediate riders or Green horses. (max fence height: 21")

Class 6 Hunter over Fences
Class 7 Hunter over Fences
Class 8 Hunter over Fences
Class 9 Hunter under Saddle

Sponsored by Parish Ridge Stables

Open Challenge Hunter ** New for 2016 ** . (max fence height: 2'3")

Class 10 Hunter over Fences
Class 11 Hunter over Fences
Class 12 Hunter over Fences
Class 13 Hunter under Saddle

Sponsored by Milestone Stables

Junior / Amateur Hunter - (max fence height: 2'3")

Class 14 Hunter Over Fences
Class 15 Hunter Over Fences
Class 16 Hunter Over Fences
Class 17 Hunter Under Saddle

Sponsored by Iron Horse Equestrian Complex

Equitation - (max fence height: 2'3")

Class 18 Equitation on the Flat
Class 19 Equitation over Fences

Open Hunter - (max fence height: 2'6")

Sponsored by Twinholm Stables

Class 20 Hunter Over Fences
Class 21 Hunter Over Fences
Class 22 Hunter Over Fences
Class 23 Hunter Under Saddle

Non-Judged Schooling Trip

Non-Judged Schooling Trips will be offered for the Junion / Amateur & Open Hunter Divisions.

Schooling Trips must be completed prior to judged rounds.

One round per combination per day. Fees apply

In all Hunter Divisions, riders must have completed at least 1 over fences class to be eligible to compete in the under saddle class. If a horse has not successfully completed an over fences class, they can either receive a refund for the under saddle, or enter the class hors concours.


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