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Challenge Series Riders

Amy Cleveland

Amy Cleveland InstructorAmy ClevelandAmy began riding 9 years ago at the Meadowlarke Stables Summer Camp, and has kept going ever since. "I was immediately hooked on the sport, and fell in love with all the wonderful horses." Amy has shown successfully in the Challenge Series in the past with her first love Spock aka "Starship Trooper", a fixture at Meadowlarke. " I learned so much from that little guy!" Amy is currently part-boarding a mare named Mocha aka "Uptown Girl" who she will be showing on the Challenge Series in the Equitation and Open Divisions this season. Amy will also show Mocha in the Beginner Adult Division on the "A" Circuit. As for the future, Amy is happy to continue working with Mocha and continuing to learn from her great coach, Stacey French. Ultimately, like most riders, she would love to own her own horse one day.

Anne-Marie Sciarillo

anne-marie and andyanne-marie and andyAnne-Marie began riding when she was 10 years old at the Meadowlarke Stables Summer Camp. She immediately fell in love with the horses and knew this was what she wanted to do. " I just couldn't stay away." Anne-Marie has been showing for the past 5 years and has really enjoyed it. In 2007 Anne-Marie showed a beautiful mare named Buffy aka "Almost an Angel", and finished 3rd overall in the Junior Division on the Challenge Series. For 2009 Anne-Marie will show Andy aka "Almost Famous" in the Open Hunter and Equitation Divisions on the Challenge Series. Anne-Marie will also show Sienna aka "Addition Elle" in the Beginner Childrens Division on the "A" Circuit. Anne-Marie loves spending her time at the barn doing whatever she can to help out and loves being in the wonderful environment that Meadowlarke Stables offers. " I really owe it all to my coach Stacey French who has taught me so much, without her I would not be where I am today. Thank-you for everything."

Katie Jankovics

Katie JankovicsKatie JankovicsKatie began riding at Meadowlarke Stables when she was 10 years old. Katie had always loved horses and after much persuasion she convinced her parents that it was time to enroll her in riding lessons. 7 years of riding later Katie has no intentions of stopping. Katie hopes to pursue a career with horses in the future. " There is no place like the barn, the friendly people and fun atmosphere are part of what makes Meadowlarke Stables such a great place to be." Katie is currently show leasing Tobasco aka "Classic Charm". In 2008 Katie and Tobasco finished 8th overall in the Junior Division on the Challenge Series. This year, with the help of her instructor Paula and coach Stacey French, Katie and Tobasco will move up to the Open Hunter Division on the Challenge Series.

Emily Cleveland

Emily ClevelandEmily has been at Meadowlarke Stables for 10 years and has been showing on the Challenge Team for over 5 years. Emily got her start showing a beautiful horse named Sienna aka "Addition Elle". In 2005 they finished 1st overall in the Junior Division and in 2006 finished 3rd overall in the Open Division on the Challenge Series. Emily now rides a green hrose named Echo aka "Romeo". Emily began working with Echo last year, and showed him in the Beginner Division. They received quite a few ribbons through the year, and even were Champion in the Hack Division at the final show in 2008. Emily has put a lot of hard work into Echo and this year will move up to show the Open Hunter Division.

Laura Blatherwick

Laura BlatherwickLaura began riding when she was 9 years old at the Meadowlarke Stables Summer Camp. From that moment on she was hooked, and shortly after began taking lessons. Laura now takes 2 lessons a week, one with Paula and one with Teresa. "I love riding because I love horses, showing and just spending time at the barn with friends ( 2 and 4 legged )." In 2009 Laura will begin showing on the Challenge Series. She will show a paint pony named Belle aka "Jersey Girl" in the Beginner 12 and under division. Laura's goals are to eventually part-board and become the best rider she can be.

Michelle Turcotte

Michelle TurcotteMichelle began riding at Meadowlarke Stables at the age of 7 as an "activity experiment". She started in the Meadowlarke Stables Summer Camp, and hasn't stopped since. Michelle now rides in weekly lessons, and is a permanent fixture around the barn. Michelle began showing in the Meadowlarke Stables Schooling Shows, and then also on the "A" Circuit in the Short Stirrup Division. Michelle showed Sienna aka "Addition Elle" and finished 10th overall in the Short Stirrup Division and 2nd overall in the Walk/Trot Equitation. Michelle took a break from showing but is back for the 2009 season. Michelle will join the Challenge Team with Casper aka "Vanilla Ice" showing in the Open Hunter Division.

Megan Corrigan

Megan CorriganMegan CorriganMegan began riding at the Meadowlarke Stables Summer Camp 10 years ago, and loved it so much she signed up for riding lessons. Meadowlarke soon became her favorite place to be. " I would sometimes spend entire afernoons here after my lesson." Riding has been Megan's favorite activity since starting at Meadowlarke, as she has made so many amazing friends and fallen in love with all the horses and atmosphere at the barn. Megan has been showing for 4 years, competing in the Meadowlarke Schooling Shows as well as on the Challenge Series. Showing has been one of her favorite experiences because it is so much fun and teaches you so much about yourself. "The whole Challenge Team becomes so close and really turns into a family." Megan has been show leasing Guiness aka "Perfect Pint" and will show him this year in the Junior Division. "Guiness is an amazing horse, he always puts in so much effort and really makes showing a great experience."

Melissa Salazar

Melissa SalazarMelissa SalazarMelissa has been riding at Meadowlarke Stables for 10 years. Melissa first leased a medium pony named Butter Me Up, and then was lucky enough to buy her own pony. Melissa's ponies name was Dakota aka "Earl Grey. In 2004 Melissa and Dakota finished 10th overall in the very competitive Large Pony division on the Trillium Circuit. Melissa took a break from showing, but for the 2009 season will be joining the Challenge Team. Melissa will show Buffy aka "Almost an Angel" in the Equitation and Open Divisions.

Blair Shaule
Blair ShauleBlair ShauleBlair began riding when she was just 5 years old. The first horse she ever rode at Meadowlarke Stables was Sundance. Blair recalls being very nervous her first day, but quickly got over that. It's been nothing but fun ever since. In 2007 Blair began riding Mystique. That same year she began to show The Challenge Series on Mystique. Blair and Mystique finished 7th overall that year after only competing in 2 shows. "I remember my very first Challenge Show, I was so scared, but my coach Stacey French and all my friends helped me through it and I ended up winning Champion for the day." Blair now rides Mocha aka "Uptown Girl". In 2008 she competed in the Beginner 13 and over on the Challenge Series and finished 4th overall. This year Blair will move up to the Junior and Equitation Divisions with Mocha "The best part of riding horses are the friends you make and the bond you create with the horses that you ride. I owe a lot of what has happened to the horses and coaches at Meadowlarke Stables."